Sar’s Gear Wish List

Since this is just a little dry and boring, I really didn’t think it was worth posting about. So, if you are interested in this boring mundane stuff, go ahead and enjoy! This is a brief list from ZA, SSC and TK – I am not going to bother listing drops from BT/MH, since I can’t imagine I will get those for a long while (and I have the one drop I wanted from Rage Winterchill – Huzzah!)

Leggings of the Corruptor: I am not especially a fan of the Corruptor set (I don’t think the set bonuses are well tailored to my spec, especially the 2 set bonus), but the pants are a definite upgrade since I am wearing T4

Mantle of the Corruptor: Once again, an up from my T4. I would miss the T4 2 set bonus though.

Wand of The Forgotten Star: This wand is simply fantastic. Any upgrades to hit at this point are nice to help me get rid of that pesky Scryer’s Bloodgem

Wub’s Cursed Hexblade

Hex Shrunken Head: I would much rather this to the Eye of Magtheridon (below), but they are both great trinkets.

Eye of Magtheridon


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