Saresa’s UI/Mod List

My UI is messy, cluttered and all over the place… which is kinda the way I like it! I thought some of you may be interested to know exactly what mods I run, and what I think of them.

Now, because my computer just HAD to have a hissy fit at me yesterday, the spells at the bottom are all out of whack. Theres a few buttons there which are completely redundant and could do with some pruning/removal. But, these are the mods I use that directly affect my UI.

X-Perl: Took me a little to get used to, but now that I have it I love it. Tidys your raid and party interface right up, and looks good to boot! The only issue I have had is that I have never been able to get it to cooperate with ArcHUD.

CT Mod Suite: From the CT Mod Suite, I only use three components

– CT Bar Mod, which allows me to have 9 bars pretty much where ever I want on the screen, whatever size I want them. Mine are all shrunken and across the bottom.

– CT Bottom Bar: Breaks the bottom bar up into movable ‘chunks’

– CT Buff Mod: I don’t function well with my buffs and debuffs being little icons. Don’t ask me why. CT Buff Mod displays them as bars with names, that serve as timers: The bar shrinks as the buff wears off. They also flash at you when they are nearly worn off. Lots of people don’t like this because it takes up alot of room in raids – generally mine goes all the way down to the bottom of where Recount is showing there.

Necrosis: My favourite warlock mod. Organises spells, curses, pets, and stones in a convenient tiny interface. I don’t really use the spells bar, and I keep a handful of curses out on my main bar for easy access (my curse button is always 3, I just drop whichever one I am using most there). It also has timers for your spells and stones. Announces in party/raid chat when you have put a soulstone on someone, and also when you are summoning someone.

Titan Panel: That bar across the top with all the random info. I like it because it helps me keep track of things, and I find it simpler to manage than FuBar personally.

Mods I have that aren’t UI related

Atlas and Atlasloot: Maps of instances, and loot tables, along with lists of sets (Tier, PvP, Crafted, etc).

Deadly Boss Mods: Self explanatory – a boss mod for raids. I haven’t tried BigWigs, because my guilds both use DBM, and I just find it simpler to use the same mod.

Omen: My favourite threat meter. I used to use KTM, but I find Omen to be easier to read, and slightly more accurate.

Recount: My damage meter of choice. Shrunken to take up less room – I use it as a personal assessment tool, and so don’t need it to be huge. The downside to recount is that it uses alot of memory.

GEM (Guild Event Manager): A scheduling mod for instances and raids. Dying Breed use it, and I just keep it there to keep track of what they are doing.

Auctioneer: Auction House made easy. Scans prices to help you undercut the competition, and value items on the spot. Also comes with some extras like Enchantrix (what things will DE in to).


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