Saresa’s Two Guilds

I thought that this would be more appropriate to be a page rather than a post. I figured there might be some confusion over my guilds when I mention them, so I will just outline who the heck they are.

Dying Breed

Dying Breed was the second guild I ever joined with Saresa, and the only one where I have truly felt at home. I have been a member of Dying Breed for approximately 2 years now, joining when I was a poor low level ‘lock running around Stranglethorn bored witless. I had left my old guild High Life (who were a great bunch of guys by the way) simply because they were all level 60 characters exploring level 60 content, and I was not able to participate much within the guild. I had joined them because it was my partner’s guild at the time, and he was the only person I really knew on Cenarius. Anyway, I was just wandering around, typing “Looking for friendly guild with characters around my level” messages in General chat (I didn’t know much about how people went about guild hunting in those days!), when I got a tell to speak to Phlak, because the Dying Breed was exactly what I was looking for. I spoke to him briefly, and next thing you know, I am a member of the DB!

Dying Breed is a relaxed, family style non-progression guild, whose main aim is to simply have fun, and get to know a great bunch of people. They have cleared Kara and downed HKM, but are currently not focusing on any form of raiding (due to an unsustainable loss of level 70 characters who want to explore end game content before the expansion pack comes out). Most importantly, DB provide an environment where one can return to after any period of time and still feel right at home. The vast majority of people within the guild are mature, supportive and caring people (who are generally also quite funny!), who put real life before the game. There is a very important reason why Hermia is still a part of Dying Breed!

Guild Leader: Phlak Co-leaders: Ammana and Mnemoth


Arcis are a progression focused raiding guild on Cenarius. We are currently at 5/6 SSC, 3/4 TK, and 1/5 MH. Arcis have been expanding rapidly, and have also been progressing at a fairly rapid speed through 25 man content. The people in Arcis are a group of skilled players who know their classes well, and the guild is led by three very able guild leaders. While I will be honest and say that I do not have the same sense of camaraderie with the people in Arcis that I do with Dying Breed, they are still all very nice people and are generally easy to get along with (although we all know that there are many more egos amongst raiders lol – that is how raiders tend to be).

Guild Leader: Drea Co-Leaders: Mcgrog and Charlesdm


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