The Fail Tank Strikes Again!

So, I was mucking around a little on Hermia the other day (as I do) when I got asked whether I wanted to come help a friend’s guild out in a Gruul’s Lair run.  Specifically, I was asked “How good is Hermia’s gear” to which I replied “somewhat craptastic”.  Personally, I don’t even feel comfortable with the idea of taking Hermia into Kara, let alone Gruul’s!  However, after much stat discussion and checking, the guild deemed that I was good enough to tank a HKM add, and off I went!

The first order of the day was to suss out if there were any enchanters in the raid and get my chest enchanted so that I had hit the ‘uncrittable’ defense mark, otherwise things could have gotten very nasty.  While I got that done, I also grabbed a couple other enchants since I was at the AH (-300g now from the epic mount fund!).  I got summoned back there, and ran in the door…

… and then realised that I forgot one of my trinkets.  Doh!  So, back to the dreaded Shattrath went I (via my inconvenient hearth at SMV), and once again crashed my computer.  What a bother.  Since my whole computer decided to die as well, I couldn’t even say anything on Vent.  Luckily for me, by the time everything loaded waaaay back up, they were still waiting for me.  So nice.  I am guessing Alorah mentioned that my computer is super poo.  I grabbed my trinket, got summoned back, and was all ready to go.

Happily, I didn’t die on any of the trash pulls (Sar nearly always does!  She is such a noob).  I changed into my SuperSpunkyBearSet, and was asked to tank Kiggler the Crazed.  Since this was my first time at tanking something which was serious, I was kinda scared.  OK, more than kinda scared!  I was very close to getting bear mess all over the floor.  I know Gruul isn’t the cleanest guy around, but I still didn’t think he would appreciate it.  I was given the sage advice of ‘back to the wall, begin with a moonfire, have fun!’, and off I went.

All seemed to go well for starters.  Heals hit me regularly, and I held on to Kiggler for dear life.  Then, the DPS started, and things went a little awry.  I lost him!  I still don’t know how he got away from me, but he did, and went running like mad towards Krosh Firehand.  I chased him frantically, spamming Lacerate, and with a good Growl I eventually got him back to me.  But boy oh boy was it messy.  Then, since I was trying to pull him back to where we started, I got knocked back a few times.  Not good, my friends, not good at all.  Somehow though, we got him down, I whacked on my cat weapon, and went to work on HKM himself.  We got him down first go, so that was pretty good in my book.  And I got myself a shiny new kitty helm!  Hermia’s first ever epic!  Thanks guys.

I had to go to my scheduled raid then on Sar, so I bid my sad farewells and logged off, thinking ‘sure, I didn’t exactly nail that… but I didn’t really fail too badly either’.

So, when we did our fast Sunday runs into Gruul’s and Mag’s, I decided to ask if I could bring Hermia to Mag’s.  I figured, hey, I really wouldn’t be tanking all that much, and we didn’t especially need the DPS.  Since I was given the big OK, all was well and in I went.  I was designated a channeler to tank, and once again, I was sooo scared!  The first time, I stood behind my channeler and waited for the go ahead.  Imagine my surprise when he took off towards the MT!  Eeeeek!  I frantically chased him and pulled him back, but boy oh boy did I feel stupid.  So, the second time around, I decided to stand in front of him and intercept his path.  Up top for thinking, right?  Well, once again, I failed.  Bah.  So off I went, chasing again like an idiot, feeling twice as stupid as I did the first time.  We wiped again, affording me a third chance to finally get it right.

Suddenly, I thought.  Moonfire!  Duh!  So I grabbed him this time around with a moonfire pull, not letting him get away from me.  Huzzah!  I finally succeeded!  My competence must have passed on to the rest of the raid, because we downed him, despite a frantic moment where the MT got swatted at 3%.  Then everyone got hit by his AoE, since the clickers must have freaked and didn’t click.  At 1% there were only a handful of people remaining, and they magically got him down. Phew!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the perfect end to the night, rolling a ‘2’ on my chest piece.  Rats.

I guess though that I learned alot over those two runs, and that is the main thing.  Moonfire is my friend!  So is the mod Itemrack (after a nasty part where I didn’t expect to be tanking anymore, changed into my kitty set, and then was asked to tank an add and didn’t have time to change before the pull).  I figure the learning is worth 20 loots!


~ by SingleMumGottaRun on June 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “The Fail Tank Strikes Again!”

  1. WooHoo! Grats on the epic gear! Having done HKM as the mage tank on my old main, I know that fight is always messy and will very rarely go as planned. All the same, grats!

    As for moonfire, my wife Kiyomi uses spells all the time to pull with, especially in 5 mans. One instance coming to mind is Shadow Labs in the pew-like area with the 4-5 mob pulls. She will start with a hurricane and pop to bear just as the first mob arrives. This way if there is a sheep and it pops early the aggro from the initial hurricane will cause moon to drift right to her.

    Good luck in all your tanking endevours and remember to never lose confidence, you CAN do it!

  2. saresa, will you be my friend?

  3. Nah I wouldn’t call it a fail per say, more of a learning experience. 🙂

  4. @ Edge: Thanks for the feedback and the useful tips!! I will be sure to test some of those out in the near future.

    @ Psy: Of course I’ll be your friend Psy!

    @ Stormiekim: 🙂 Hopefully that’s how everyone else who was there thought of it that way as well

  5. I’m surprised that your group used a druid tank for Kiggler the Crazed; the hard and nasty thing about the shaman is that he does a nasty Arcane attack the knocks players back and lowers threat. Most groups I’ve run with tend to avoid melee tanking, since he does that attack, an Arcane Shot, and Polymorph, all within thirty yards. But if you use a Balance druid, you can avoid the polymorph, stay out of range of the thirty yards affected by Arcane Explosion, and keep the high threat needed to continue tanking. My hunter’s raid tends to use a Balance druid and a hunter (Aspect of the Wild helps with the nature damage) so that they can always make sure that both classes are top two to avoid having a healer get two-shot. When we have two hunters tanking we can usually get him down to the low 20s% before the rest of the raid group turns on him.

    But it looks like the entire experience was very rewarding for you — if a bit nerve-wracking! You’ll be awesomer in the future with more experience, I bet.

    And I don’t need to ask you to be my friend, Sar; you featured my blog on your site. That means we’re the bestest of buddies, yes? <preens>

  6. Sar, if Shattrath crashes you, try Area 52 in Netherstorm. There’s a bank there as well run by our buddies the goblins. Considering you were in Gruul’s, it shouldn’t be far to fly.

    Gruul and Magtheridon are fun fights. I tagged along another guild’s PuG group and got a kick out of it. =)

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