I am sorry, I have neglected you!

Well gee, I missed a WHOLE day of posting. I’m sorry! I still love you, I swear!

Truth be told, I did fully intend to try to squish a post in somewhere. I struggled out of bed in the morning, and turned the computer on. Generally a good time to post (as we speak, I am here in my straggly ‘was out all night’ hair and dressing gown, looking like a domestic nightmare), but by the time I finished reading my immense subscription list, logged in to all my chat services, and began to work on my assignment that was due THAT VERY DAY *sigh, I’m lazy I know* (I had started it the night before, I’m not that bad!) it was much after time for me to go to uni. Bah.

I then had 5 hours of class, followed by a trip to the bar since it was the last day of uni, and that’s what uni students do. By the time I got home, I literally had time to run madly into the house, grab my awesomely pretty silver dress and sparkly shoes, and a curling iron and some make up, and ran back out the door and into the car.

Then, well… I got into all sorts of mischief, but had to pike and go home early since I was clearly so pooped from a couple hectic days! I considered blogging when I got home, but that meant I would’ve had to unpack the computer, plug it all in, and bleeeeeuuuurgh. Waaaay too much effort. So I just went and collapsed into my nice, warm, dry bed. Aaaaah.

So yes, no Sar yesterday. I’m sorry! I am here again today!

– Oh, so you know, I did try asking Kalf in my alcohol induced brainfarting to blog for me. He wouldn’t, because he’d have to do ‘drafts’. What are these drafts he speaks of? Can anyone tell me?

Oh, because it may amuse you, before and after!


This is not the same night (I had pretty brown curls last night!), but the exact same outfit.  I like it, it’s pretty… until it morphs into…


AAAARGH!  /hides


~ by Angela on June 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “I am sorry, I have neglected you!”

  1. Lol you are a dork.

    And you asked me out of nowhere to blog! A billion ideas hit me at once and then imploded and I lost them all. Hence the draft idea. And I KNOW you draft, so shush.

  2. Hahaha, you know me better than that!

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