It’s awfully quiet round here!

There has been discussion of this rampant across the blogosphere, and the server.  This is just my personal account of the thing which I will term ‘X-pac syndrome’.  A syndrome where the server is suddenly empty.  Guild chat is quiet, or outright hostile as new recruits clash with the old veterans.  Raids are becoming dominated by pugs because people just aren’t showing up anymore.  5 man groups are almost non existent.

I think this all started with the decline of the 5 man to be honest.  A while back myself and several others commented on the difficulty in getting a regular 5 man group going.  Heroics were slightly easier to obtain, but the focus was solely on badge farming, so it was generally lots of people running the daily, and the easier heroics.  People were concentrating heavily on getting those badges for the shiny new gear.

Karazhan has also become something of a curiosity.  A raid instance where one now must be over geared, and after badges.  No longer is wiping in Karazhan acceptable for many.  I don’t know about anyone else, but seeing messages in LFG saying ‘Kara speed badge run LFM.  DPS needed, must be in all epics, prefer T5’.  T5 for Kara?  WTF?  This has led to alts being pushed out of the Kara PuG picture in many cases, and left to find guild runs.

Well, guild runs of places are getting increasingly hard to come by.  Take the example of my two guilds.  Dying Breed has stopped running guild runs of Karazhan, and hasn’t fielded a guild run in at least a month.  The sign ups just slowly died as people started to find better things to do on weekends, and possibly got tired of running Kara all the time.  Even now, 5 man all guild groups are difficult to get in the DB.  There is a big focus on alts, and in a logical (yet frustrating) response to the previous tank/healer shortages, most every alt is a tank or a healer!  The other day when I was logged on, we had 3 druids, 2 priests, and 4 paladins online.  That was it.  Nothing that could field a respectable 5 man!  Many people have also taken their mains to raiding guilds in a last ditch effort to see content before WotLK.

Arcis is rocked by the other form of guild meltdown.  Raiding guilds are starting to struggle for signups as well, with people just ‘taking a break from WoW’ before the expansion pack.  A freeze of sorts in progression has also left many people frustrated, and many have /gquit over dissent about the direction the guild is taking raid wise.  The mass recruitment of new players has caused there to be a bit of a gap between the gear we have as well – often fielding a 25 man into Hyjal with half the raid in Kara and Gruul’s gear.  I myself still have zero pieces of T5 (granted, I could have had the gloves many a time, but they are a downgrade).  New recruits also seem to be clashing alot with the old guard in some cases, which is causing a great deal of drama.  (I might post a bit more about my drama-lama experience soon enough!)

The wonder that is dailies has also caused a bit of burnout, with many people spending their playtime doing dailies on all their characters to get gold.  By the time they have done that, they are bored of WoW and just want to log.  A great reason for me to not do dailies!

I do believe it is a combination of these things which are killing guilds left right and centre.  Dailies – Blah.  Most content meaning ‘nothing’ anymore?  Blah.  On my server, if you haven’t basically finished BT and Hyjal, then you are ‘no one’.  This attitude from the top raiders does filter down to the rest of us, and yes, it is disheartening hearing that sort of thing.  It is also summer for most of you (which makes it especially crappy for me, down here is Oz, entering my winter hibernate in the house phase!), and you all want to go out and enjoy the sunshine, which is always great.  I hope you do enjoy it, and I will see you all back again (I hope) when WotLK comes out!

On to other news:

Counting down – approximately one week I guess until my self hosted blog is up and running.  Many kind thanks to those of you who have been dropping your entrecards on my site, and applying to advertise.  Much appreciated!

Also in the countdown, I have just one assignment left, and then the ‘studying’ component of my degree is basically finished forever.  When I hand that in tomorrow, I will be cheering!  Three and a half years down, only half a year to go.  Then I am an official certified, dignified, bonafide high school teacher!  Well, maybe not so much the dignified part, I am still working on that one!  Funnily enough, for someone who said they wouldn’t be posting much, I think I actually wrote more this week than usual!

The Dying Breed forum is also back online!  Huzzah for me, I can go back to hours of trolling!


~ by Angela on June 5, 2008.

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