Creating your very own warlock

So you decided to go for a warlock. Good for you! There are now some important things for you to consider.

1. Race: Which race to play is often decided based on sheer appearance alone, especially for us Alliance warlocks. Whether to go for the majestic Human warlock, or the wonderful juxtaposition of the cute, yet deadly evil Gnome warlock? Essentially, I would decide based on what you intend to do with your warlock. If you want to be a PvP fiend, go for the gnome, with their wonderful Escape Artist ability. That and gnomes are just plain hard to target on the battleground! If you are leaning more towards the PvE aspect of things, then Diplomacy is your very best friend. 10% to all rep gains is a wonderful thing.

If you feel up to going for the slightly more sinister Horde side, then you have the choice between an Orc, Blood Elf, or Undead warlock. Personally, I think the Orc is the best choice, with the combination of Blood Fury (adds to spell damage at the cost of healing received), and Command (5% pet damage increase). The reason there may not be so many old Orc warlocks around is simply because Blood Fury did not add to spell damage until patch 2.0. The formula for working out the plus damage buff is 3+Level*2.

I have a weird dislike of Blood Elves, but I can see Mana Tap and Arcane Torrent being beneficial as well.

Undead warlocks are a force to be feared in PvP, with their combination of Will of the Forsaken (immune to sleep/charm/fear for 5 seconds) and Cannibalise (eating humanoid and undead corpses! Yummy!).

2. Name: What you name your character is very important. The name is the first thing people use to judge your character, and you. Most people feel more comfortable with someone with a ‘normal’ handle than someone named ‘Omgdotpew’. Just the way it is I am afraid. Also, try to avoid cutsey names for your warlock, you are meant to be all evil and mysterious!

3. Appearance: one thing I wish I had considered more carefully. Sar looks, well, kinda dumb. Thinking back, I’d probably go with different coloured hair, and a more wizened expression. If you play a male character, be sure you are comfortable with the idea of a man wearing robes. So many people don’t think of that until it is too late!

There we have it, your baby level one warlock. Have fun exploring the darker side of casting (yes, we are much darker than those shadow priests!).


~ by Angela on June 5, 2008.

One Response to “Creating your very own warlock”

  1. Oh, how I love Will of the Forsaken. 😉 Are undead really that sinister? Lol.
    And Cannablize has saved my butt in many situations not only pvp.

    And it really bothers me also when someone decides on a name like “Fluffypants” for a warlock. My name: Demonetra…oh yeah. Hehe.

    I like the Bloodelves for Mages and Hunters though, and though I have a pally…they still annoy me as much as rogues do.

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