I need ideas!

Bluntly:  I am in a bit of a brain drain at the moment.  I just can’t think of anything to write about!  I haven’t been doing anything overly exciting recently, in WoW or out of it, and that has left me pretty dry for material.

I successfully tanked my first real 70 instance yesterday, which was quite exciting.  I needed to do a Black Morass run to get my (now essentially useless) Karazhan key, and the group – half PuG, half guild/friends – decimated the place completely with no wipes.  Huzzah!  Of course, BM doesn’t provide the one thing that I find most challenging and need the most practice at, which is tanking multiple mobs at a time.  I find it relatively easy to hold aggro on one target at a time, it’s when there is 3 or 4 running amok that I have a wee bit of trouble.

Oh… and The Arcatraz.  I didn’t blog about my ‘interesting’ time in Arc getting my key fragment, did I?  Well, I decided that I would stealth run Steamvaults to get my key frag there, and Kalf tagged along and said ‘Well, why don’t we stealth run Arc as well?’  I was a touch dubious, I haven’t really done Arc much as of late, and I couldn’t remember how easy it was to stealth through.  Turns out, it just isn’t that easy!  So, here is:

Sar’s Super Special Stealth Guide to the Arcatraz!

Ingredients:  I Feral Druid (Me!), I Resto Druid (Kalf).  I wouldn’t recommend doing this without a tank and healer if you are in gear as poor as mine, for reasons which will become clear later.

Step One:  Enter the instance (easy!)

Step Two:  Stealth your way to the first hall entrance.  Wait for the mobs to kill the big nasty beastie that will come sliming through, THEN go through the hall, being careful to not walk on any dead bodies.  If you walk on dead bodies, you spawn nasty slug creatures.  Gross!

Step Three:  If you need a moment to pause and look at the pathing of the mobs in the next room, there is a convenient little alcove off to the side.  Also awesome for if you have a super clumsy party member (Kalf!) who insists on dying at the end of the hallway – EZ rezzing!

Step Four: Sticking close to the walls, make your way to the next room (to the right).  Creep through the hallway, and then pause at the side to wait for the nasty 3 headed dog thing to get the heck out of the way!  Then creep up the ramp.

Step Five:  This is where we had an issue one time – there was a little beastie making its way up and down the ramp (he only appeared once, very odd);.  If this happens, kill him to save yourself some grief later.

Step Six:  You have to kill the sentinel in the hall.  He sees through your stealth, and if you are in squashy cat form, or a rogue, you may be in some trouble.  I found him to be super slippery as well in terms of aggro, which I am not sure is normal – he kept jumping onto Kalf.  Annoying!

Step Seven:  Kill the big Voidwalker looking dude directly in front of you.  You need a nice clear path back to the hall.  Pull him back, because he fears some.

Step Eight:  This worked for us because we had already opened the container, so the mob was around.  It could probably be pulled off anyway though.   Once you have a clear path (and the pat near the container is gone), pull the key frag guardian back into the hall.  I found a Faerie Fire pull, followed by Dash, worked wonders.  Fight him back in the hall, and voila!  a key fragment!

Hopefully this works well for anyone else – it took silly me about 5 deaths to work it all out.  I know, I know, silly druid.


~ by Angela on June 4, 2008.

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