Blessings to be thankful for, wishes to be made

This post may be a bit more serious than what you are usually accustomed to from me.  I am not going to apologise for this, I am just stating it as a bare fact.  It is also not related to WoW at all, so if you want to skip, feel free.

A person that I know (I wouldn’t say we are best friends, but certainly more than acquaintances) just today admitted herself to the psych ward in the local hospital.  She is a lovely girl, but has issues with self harm and an eating disorder.  She has struggled with these things for a long time, and the stress that happens at the end of a uni semester has hit her very hard.

I really hope that things become a bit better for her, I really do.  I am also eternally grateful that most of the people I know and care about are happy and healthy people.  People who don’t even really have a reason to think about these sorts of things, because it seems so foreign to them.  I am glad that the people nearest and dearest to me in the most part don’t have any of these worries.

I also wish that people would see the human face behind these issues.  Eating disorders are not something to be laughed at.  People who suffer from depression aren’t fixed by a dose of ‘happy pills’, and self harmers are more than a bunch of emo kids trying to get attention.  Just as some diseases affect us physically, others affect us mentally and emotionally.  Just because you can’t see the disease doesn’t mean you can’t try to understand the pain.

Best wishes to my friend, and I hope she gets well soon.


~ by Angela on June 3, 2008.

One Response to “Blessings to be thankful for, wishes to be made”

  1. I both agree and disagree with what you said. Sometimes certain issues become fad like, and unfortunately this shrouds those who are truly in need of help. While I was majoring in Psychology, I noticed this horrible trend and it is sad that so many feel lost because some of those crying wolf take away from the urgency in the cases.

    Best wishes to your friend, I hope she is able to recieve the help she needs to pull through this rough patch. And with a friend like you, I’m sure she will have all the support and strength she needs. 🙂

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