Oh, Soulshatter, Soulshatter, How I love thee!

When I pull aggro

Death’s hand brushes my shoulder

Soulshatter saves me.

OK, OK, so it is possibly the lamest haiku ever written, but it describes exactly how I felt yesterday in Mount Hyjal. Warlocks in Mount Hyjal have perhaps the most difficult time struggling to put out the most damage AND keep aggro low (and I can assure you, the spell rotation is mind numbing enough that you almost fall asleep and not notice you even pulled aggro: Tab-Seed-Tab-Seed-Tab-Seed-Life Tap-Tab-Seed… you get the point). Soulshatter saved my little warlock patoot sooo many times yesterday it wasn’t funny, to the extent where my somewhat addled, starved brain began waxing lyrical about it.

Once again, we couldn’t get that pesky Anetheron down… one of our healers kept magically dying at the beginning of the fight some how, and since we were stuck for an MT, our tank only had Kara gear on. Not the most auspicious start. We eventually had to call it an hour early because a healer had to leave and we couldn’t find a replacement. However, I think we put in a pretty good effort all in all, and we experimented with a new and much more exciting strat, which seems to be very effective.

On other news, blog entries may not be pouring out so steadily this week, since it is the final week of uni and I have a bit of a hectic workload in terms of assessments. Yipes. However, I will try my best to pop in occasionally!


~ by Angela on June 2, 2008.

One Response to “Oh, Soulshatter, Soulshatter, How I love thee!”

  1. Oh, how I love soulshatter. And deathcoil…unless I’m in a mob.
    Very accurate “Tab-Seed-Tab-Seed-Tab-Seed-Tab-Seed” but you forgot the run like hell afterwards. Lol.

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