Contemplating Self Hosting

Well, I know that I have only been blogging now for around a month, which isn’t very long in the overall scheme of things.  I was planning on waiting around six months until I considered the self hosting option, but it is looking more and more appealing to me every day.  Here are the pros and cons for going self hosted:


  • I get more flexibility in the set up of my page.  Currently the list of things that I can and cannot do is getting frustrating, and there are some interesting features I have seen that I would really like to include in my blog.
  • I also get more flexibility to configure how my page looks.  I can have a design that I specifically want, which would be nice.   It would also be a lot of work (see cons).
  • It sounds silly, but I get more of a sense of ownership – the blog is essentially ‘mine’ in every way.


  • I know next to nothing about CSS – there would be a LOT of reading in my future!
  • I also have no idea how one even begins to design the appearance of their blog.
  • I am about to get into a somewhat busy part of the year, since I am about to begin internship.  This means I will not have the time required to really create a good blog design.
  • I have no idea how one goes about arranging hosting and all that jazz.
  • I’d have to remember to back it up!

So I am still undecided.  I would really love to self host.  I just don’t know if I have the time or the ability to do so yet!


~ by Angela on June 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Contemplating Self Hosting”

  1. for what it’s worth, I knew absolutely nothing about css and such when I started, you don’t need to know too much to get things done!

    The hardest thing (for me) was getting used to my host’s ‘cpanel’, where you install WP, and upload themes and plugings (for widgets among other things), but then only 6 months later I’m doing it without thinking, so it’s not too difficult!

  2. Well I wouldn’t mind having someone posting on my blog, filling it up with some posts when I’m too lazy to write something myself (and vice versa). You wouldn’t have to worry about CSS, costs or anything like, and you’d have complete freedom about what and when you post. If that’s something that tickles your interest shoot me an email.

    */cast Prowl and hides for being so blunt*

  3. @ Softi: If it is as easy to pick up as you say, then I may indeed consider it. I would really like a more customisable look (especially for my ever growing blogroll!).

    @ Horns: If there is something that you ever do want written from a squishy carebear, pve’ers perspective, just give me a shout :). For now I am kinda enjoying my own little rambling post, but I will certainly keep it in mind for the future.

  4. In further updates, I have dished the money out for self hosting… and still havent figured anything out about how to do it. Scary stuff indeed. I have a sneaking suspicion I have broken something along the way as well hehe. However, blog entries will still be written here until I can figure out how the heck to work that other thing!

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