Sar: Evil, Corrupted, Cookie Munching… Peacekeeper?

Let us venture back, to the other day, when I ran that MgT run. The very same run that I wrote about before. Now, our healer left that run pretty early, and we had to call in a replacement. Kalf just happened to be online, and I asked him if he could please come in and help us out. I warned him that the tank ‘wasn’t the best’ and told him to pleeeease pleeease keep his mouth shut about it throughout the run. He said he would, and confident little me summoned him up.

Well… things started out kinda OK. Sure, we had a couple wipes as we went on the trash, but we got the 2nd boss down with no problems. However, on the way to the third boss things started going awry. We wiped quite a few times on the same pulls, it was getting late, people were tired and tempers were starting to fray. Soon enough, Kalf started commenting that he can’t heal if he is getting beaten upon by mobs, and that trees aren’t tanks. The tank started to get a bit frustrated as well, and commented on the difficulty of tanking multiple mobs. This soon began to degenerate into an argument, where some people were offering suggestions (perhaps not worded the best way), and the tank thought that everyone was telling him or her how to play. I decided I would just call the instance then and there, saying that I could see this becoming nothing more than an insult slinging contest, wished everyone a good night, and left the group.

Now, apparently some exchanges continued between Kalf and the tank after this. I have heard Kalf’s side of the story, and now some of the tanks, but I don’t feel that I can fairly say what happened between them. Insults were exchanged, and not so friendly banter occured. When Kalf ignored the tank on one character, he/she got on another to continue the ‘discussion’.

Fast forward to last night. I was chatting to Kalf on MSN when he mentioned to me that the tank was taunting him in ‘say’ in the middle of Ironforge, and other people were getting involved. Now, my curious nature had me logging on and heading to IF to see the stoush. Sure enough, some nasty sarcastic comments were being made. Kalf was doing the sensible thing and not responding, but the nature of the comments were getting on my nerves. Kalf is one to hit the GM button with this sort of thing, but I like to try to find other ways around this when I can. (Oh… the 2v2 comment was because they were ridiculing his arena team… and it’s MY arena team, it doesn’t reflect on his ability lol – I just suck).

(apologies for the nasty cutting… I was talking to other people at the time and didnt think their conversations were relevant!).

So, clearly through some polite and mature conversation, these sorts of dramas can be averted. Huzzah!

Now… back to looking at that picture of George Clooney… *swoon*


~ by Angela on May 31, 2008.

One Response to “Sar: Evil, Corrupted, Cookie Munching… Peacekeeper?”

  1. I love my random input… about my tooth.

    Thanks again dear

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