A Day for Kindness

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers friends” (Blanche DuBois)

First things first, I think I deserve a wee bit of applause for remembering to write things down in my ‘WoW notepad’ as I went yesterday. /cheer!

As you all know, I have an enormous list of things which I need to work on to get my tanking set for when Hermia hits 70. Yesterday I decided that I would begin working on those right away, and at least get some experience from the kills that I had to make anyway. So heigh-ho, off to Nagrand we go!

Now I know that lots of people farming in a concentrated area can be a traumatic experience. As soon as the words ‘Elemental Plateau’ are mentioned people begin to cringe. I develop an eye twitch just thinking about it! Well, the area for farming Thick Clefthoof Leather can get pretty hectic as well. So first of all, a shout out to everyone who was farming there yesterday. Everyone was polite, I didn’t notice a single instance of kill stealing/skin stealing (except for one instance where I didn’t see a tauren druid going after a bull. I quickly apologised through the convenient ‘sorry’ emote, and intentionally left the next couple for him. He ‘licked’ me and went on killing).

In a couple of special mentions on the farming side, we have Valcrist, who kindly let me skin all his kills, AND sent me a tell later on with a lovely offer of a pair of the boots that I needed, since he had a spare pair on his rogue. I already had the boots, but it was incredibly nice of him to offer. Two Horde players, Mildrid and Morbidone, who also ‘let’ (in that I couldn’t ask, but they didn’t object) me skin their kills as well. I tried to help out killing their mobs as we went to make things a bit faster and less painful for them.

After a while I proudly mentioned to Whisperel (my favourite leatherworker!) in guild chat that I was nearly done! I had 55 Clefthoof leather, I needed a mere 20 more. Whisp offered some of the leather she had in her bank, but I refused (Whisp and her husband Wymonn already do FAR too much for me – more on that later!), and said it wouldn’t take me too much longer to farm the rest. Besides, when you are getting 800XP per kill, it’s not all that nasty. Well, Whisp pretty much insisted, but I was determined to do it all myself (so I came up with the not so sneaky plan of just farming it all anyway, so she didn’t have to use her personal stash). That kinda failed when I was running around farming, and saw someone killing a few clefthoof. I ran over to see if they may have needed a spot heal, since they were taking on a few at a time, and it was Whisp! Well, darn. She quickly traded me 25 clefthoof leather (more than I needed!) before I could say anything. Since I was done, I traded her all the clefthoof leather back, as well as the other leather that I had gathered over the day – sooooo many scraps! I said I would go rustle up some Primal Earth off Sar (since she is a miner), but Whisp already had that as well! Whisp flew back to Shatt, with me slowly slowly trailing behind… and when I got there, she had finished the crafting and traded the vest and leggings back to me… as well as a surprise of a Stylin’ Purple Hat, which was going to be my next farmed item. Then… I was told not to go anywhere, as Wymonn was logging his JC alt to ‘gem me up’.

Now this is really not out of character for Whisp and Wym. As I have levelled Hermia, I have often found little surprises in the mail, accompanied by ‘Thought this might be useful!’ notes from them. I got my Clefthoof Boots from Whisp before I had even hit the 60 mark, let alone the 70! Sar has also gotten things from them before as little presents. I have never before been able to acknowledge their kindness, and I thought that here would be the best that I can do for now. So, thankyou ever so much Whisperel and Wymonn.

To top the day off, Kalf also got me a Necklace of the Deep (even though I specifically told him not to!). I was umming and ahhing over it since I am saving for my epic flying, so he just went and got it for me. So sweet (and naughty!).


~ by Angela on May 30, 2008.

One Response to “A Day for Kindness”

  1. Aw, I love it when Horde and Alliance can farm and not kill each other at the same time. However, don’t count on that happening at the Isle. It seems the Alliance on my realm have nothing else to do, but it’s mostly the rogues. /sigh

    You have a great guild 🙂

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