From what I understand, your confidence in playing your character is supposed to grow as you progress. You have more practice, you have a better range of skills, therefore at a higher level you should really be starting to feel pretty comfortable in your skin. However, I am the opposite. I have a severe case of Tankophobia. I log on to Hermia, put my name in Looking for Group for a couple of instances… and secretly hope that I don’t get an invite. Is there something wrong here?

Reasons for Tankophobia

  1. The afore mentioned ‘comfort level’. This to me means that others also assume that you will be fairly good at your job by now. I know that in my case, this is just plain not true. There are still so many things that I think I need to learn about tanking, and it is going to take me a heck of a long time to pick them all up. I warn other people that I am not such a crash hot tank, and I don’t think they take me seriously – until I start making mistakes left right and centre. I am considering making an ‘Oops, sorry!’ macro it is that bad!
  2. The Cake Walk Factor – never before have I been so afraid of the 70 mark. With Saresa it was exciting, because it meant I had access to all sorts of shiny new gear. It also meant that my DPS would improve significantly. With Hermia, it outright scares me. I know that most people on the server are at least in Karazhan epics now. This leads to people expecting epic geared tanks, all the time, regardless of the difficulty level of the run. I am forever hearing people complain ‘Look at their gear though! It’s CRAP!’, and when I inspect, they are wearing all blues, maybe a green and a token epic. Since when is all blues not good enough for a regular instance run? I remember running heroics with groups who were all in mainly blues.
  3. I have had a couple of interesting experiences where I have been unlucky enough to be grouped with rude arrogant jerks. It doesn’t take much to make me doubt myself unfortunately (must work on that!), and when people are outright rude about my ability, I get pretty down on myself. I am not just a bear, I am a human being too!

So yes, I have the dreaded Tankophobia. Help me find a cure!


~ by Angela on May 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tankaphobia”

  1. I’m the same with my druid now she’s specced feral… I keep being told of good tanking gear – wtf… I have to TANK now? /runs

  2. Completely understand, except I have DPSophobia. My lock is destruction spec, so I have put off every run to finish getting keyed for Kara just because my guildies make fun of me for taking the mobs away from the tank. 😦

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