Free Lamaa!

In the blogging world today, there is an uproar. Now just a quiet one either, this is a full pack of lions we are talking about here. So what is it that got our panties in a knot? Well, in Blizzard’s latest sweeping of the ban stick, they have given at least one innocent victim a bonk on the noggin. Now, it just so happens that one of these innocent victims are a member of the guild Aetherial Circle. Sound familiar? It should! AC happens to be the home of more bloggers than I can count on my fingers, and each and every one of these bloggers is up in arms over what has happened. Now Lamaa isn’t a blogger, but he is a good friend of everyone in AC. They are 100% sure that Lamaa did not cheat. I for one, trust their judgement and believe them.

Now, you may be asking what Lamaa did that was so wrong to get banned. You may suspect that he used the Glider bot, right? Well, nope. All that he did was…

Ban Stick!

Use a Logitech G15 keyboard in combination with running Wine on Linux. That’s right, he was banned because of a keyboard, and a program. Apparently the G15 has a macro functionality of some description, which goes against Blizzard’s EULA in some way. Don’t ask me to explain it, I do not get this stuff. Now, Lamaa didn’t even use this function of the keyboard apparently. But, because he installed the software when he purchased the keyboard *shockhorrorgasp!*, and Warden picked up that this software was installed, along with him running Wine… BAM! Ban Stick pwnage. AND they had the hide to charge him his next three months subscription fee – the very same day.

So, I think that the requests are fairly simple here Blizz. Reinstate Lamaa’s account. Send him more than a form ‘you broke the rules therefore we hate you’ letter explaining why you banned him. Perhaps even put up an official warning of some description about the G15 Keyboard, or about running Wine? Although, I can’t imagine Logitech would be too pleased with Blizzard saying there is an issue with one of their top of the line gamer keyboards.

And, in the future, take a closer look at who you sweep the ban stick at. You never know, there may be a whole blogging community hiding behind them, pens poised (or should we say, keyboards? G15 keyboards even?)

Note: For fuller details of Lamaa’s ban, see any one of the AC blogs. TJ is a good place to start, but most every blogger today has jumped upon this.


~ by Angela on May 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Free Lamaa!”

  1. While Lamaa uses a G15 (as do I), he also runs WoW under Wine within Linux. Apparently, this OS+Emulator combo looks, smells and tastes like a bot to Blizzard.

    I don’t think the G15 is really the issue: Blizzard implicitly supports the G15 in WOW.

    Just wanted to clarify that point in a an excellent article.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, and I am fixing that as we speak 😉

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