WoW on the Mind – Part One

Well, I am going to begin this post with a small sob for what may have been. I had just written a rather immense amount, and was really getting into the flow of things, when I somehow hit a combination of keys which all at once highlighted everything I had written, deleted it, and replaced it with the letter ‘v’. Now, I don’t have anything at all against the letter ‘v’. It is quite an attractive letter in its own right. It just isn’t as great as a good three quarters of an hour’s worth of work.

Back to the regularly scheduled program, I was planning on writing a post discussing the addictive nature of World of Warcraft. I often get lost in thought about the game (especially lectures at uni), and not long after I start thinking about the game, I start wondering why I am thinking about the game. What is it that keeps me playing, for anywhere between one and six hours a day, most every day of the week? What is it that also compels me to write about the game when I am not playing, to read about the game, and to talk about the game? The game in all reality has become a fairly significant part of my life, whether I like that or not. This seems to happen to a lot of WoW players, and there must be a reason that ‘Warcrack’ is so addictive. So I decided to explore some of the reasons why I personally keep playing, and keep on being interested, in World of Warcraft. Now that the post has expanded, I think that I might have to break it up into a series, because it is just far too large for one sitting to read!

  1. The Story
  2. Socialising
  3. Progression

Part One: The Story.

Cupcakes - a True Motivation?

I am sure you know some of those people who go see a movie and spend most of the time watching it pointing out the flaws and mistakes. Those really irritating people who can’t just accept things as they are, and try to ruin everyone else’s experience by criticising it… constantly. Well, that’s me! Even in films I enjoy, I will point out every single flaw that I can find, loudly and obnoxiously. I just can’t help myself (like in Ironman? I thought it was a great film. But at the end of the escape scene, how the hell does he survive? Saying he is a superhero just wont cut it either folks. His suit is super, not him – well, except for his ability at mathematics. But that hardly counts. Well, when he was absolutely engulfed in flames while he was in that metal suit – how did he not cook? And supposing by some strange miracle that he survives being roasted, how the the bejebus does he survive that fall? He should be completely broken!) Anyway, I quite often take these completely harsh expectations and impose them on games as well. If I can’t understand my character’s motivation for doing something, then I get annoyed and bored. You are crusading against the forces of evil because they stole your cupcake? Well now that’s just dumb. Why the heck would I want to go around shooting people over a cupcake? Of course, if someone stole my cupcake IRL, there would be hell to pay!

Now WoW was much more sneaky about the story line aspect. In some ways, it deals with story line well, in others, not so well. However, I was suckered in from the first moment I looked at the game, through the introductory cinematic (A new cinematic, by the way, is one of the things I am really looking forward to about the expansion. No doubt it will bring tears to my eyes. I love their cinematics THAT much). The little ‘blurbs’ about the different classes on the character creation screen just added that little more flavour for me. Not only do they explain each classes main purpose and abilities, but also how each class is viewed from a lore perspective within the game. When you begin playing, you don’t get completely overwhelmed with storyline. It just slowly builds itself up over time, as you gain some familiarity with the different races and their stories, and then the different groups within the races. Somehow though, you magically build up an understanding of what each group stands for, and who you like and who you don’t. Broad things such as the differences between the Alliance and the Horde have a massive impact upon the game. I can not even comprehend creating a Horde character and trying to play it seriously. All this time as Alliance has made me feel something like a loathing for the Horde, and I automatically distrust anything that they say or do. When the Alliance and the Horde are forced to work together side by side, I always keep a careful watch on what exactly it is that they are doing, because I am sure that they are going to sneakily undermine it somehow. Irrational? Maybe. But I just don’t trust those filthy Horde! (no offense intended to any of you dir.. ahem, Horde players out there).

I also find that there are certain races which I trust more than others. While I have found that every race that I have played to a high enough level has corruption within its leadership, I find it much more easy to forgive in the humans than, the night elves for example. Humans can be forgiven in many cases because they are led astray by the meddling of dragonkin (Thanks alot, Ony!), or simply disenchanted with the poor leadership that has been displayed in the past. The night elves manage to disgust me just a little more because they portray themselves as so in tune with nature and pure… yet Arch Druid Staghelm is possibly the most disgusting, corrupt figure I have seen in all of my travels across Azeroth. Sneaky bugger.

Can This Man Be Trusted?

Favourite Quest Chain: “The Unsent Letter” through to “Items of Some Consequence” (the Stockades quest chain). Great story line, and I am a sucker for political intrigue. I also get a kick out of Jailbreak though (apart from having to go into BRD… eeeeew). I just love seeing Onyxia reveal herself in the middle of Stormwind in all her shining glory!


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