Un – talented?

For lack of anything more original or creative to write, I am going to do a specific breakdown of my talent choices. While 0/21/40 is one of the most popular destruction raiding specs, people generally don’t detail exactly what they specced in, and why they did so. Perhaps people find this to be obvious, but I have many memories of tossing up between talent trees and places to spend points with much confusion.

Pros and Cons of the Succy Sac Spec


  • The 15% boost to shadow damage is incredibly nice, especially when your gear hits the point where SB spam is the vast majority of your damage.
  • High burst DPS on both trash and bosses (for those of you concerned with your Damage Meter readings)
  • Improved Shadow Bolt is invaluable in raiding, increasing the shadow damage taken by the target by 20%. This helps ALL shadow dealers in raids – this includes shadow priests!


  • I personally find it to be an irritating soloing spec – the poor mana management results in an increased down time, and there are often some nasty occurances when I get a little too trigger happy on the life tap button.
  • Pets are essentially useless for anything other than a little added damage or crowd control – you do far too much spell damage for them to make viable tanks. This means that you quite often feel more like a mage than a warlock, which is a somewhat horrific thought!
  • If you try to PvP with it you feel ridiculous. Emphasis on the ‘glass’ part of glass cannon. While destruction can be an integral part of a PvP spec, I just don’t believe Sac Spec to be one of the more viable PvP specs.

My Talent Build


Improved Healthstone 2/2: Healthstone strengths have always been split up amongst the locks in the raid to provide all possible strength healthstones. However, I have always had 2/2 in all my specs simply because strong cookies taste good.

Demonic Embrace: 5/5: This talent increases total Stamina by 15%, and reduces spirit by 5%. Quite frankly, I do not need spirit – ever – and the recent boosts to spirit pretty much negate the effects of this talent anyway.

Improved Health Funnel 1/2: Just a filler point. I used to put it in Imp Imp, but found myself stuck in the tank group in raids a couple of times because of that one point, which got on my nerves. I am a selfish creature, I know!

Fel Intellect 3/3: Increases various pet abilities (blah), and mana by 3%. Basically useless, but there’s not much else that can be done with those points.

Fel Domination 1/1: Emgergency 15min c/d ability which decreases pet summoning time by 5.5 seconds, and the mana cost by 50%. Great for when you happen to score a battle rez.

Fel Stamina 3/3: Increases pet stamina by 15% (blah again), and yours by 3%. Yay for more HP

Demonic Aegis 3/3: Increases the effectiveness of your Demon Armor and Fel Armor spells by 30%. Imp Fel Armor means 30 more spell damage, and more healing taken.

Master Summoner 2/2: Decreases summoning time of pets by 4 seconds and the mana cost by 40%. Great buff to Fel Domination, and handy in general.

Demonic Sacrifice 1/1: Sacrifices your pet, leaving you with a 30 minute buff dependent on pet used. Since I am succy sac specced, I get 15% extra shadow damage.


Improved Shadow Bolt 5/5: Your Shadow Bolt critical strikes increase shadow damage dealt to the target (BY ALL PEOPLE IN THE GROUP) by 20% until 4 non periodic shadow damage sources are applied, or 12 seconds is up. A great boost to the whole raid.

Bane 5/5: Reduces cast time of Shadow Bolts and Incinerate by 0.5 sec, and Soul Fire by 2 sec. Faster SB = more DPS!

Devastation 5/5: Increases the critical strike chance of your Destruction spells by 5%. More crit = more damage, and also more ISB up time, which also equals more damage!

Shadowburn 1/1: Basically an instant cast Shadow Bolt, costing a soul shard.

Intensity 2/2: Increases resistance to spell interruption/pushback by 70%. Not really required, and very situational, but you need to spend 2 points somewhere on this tier or above to progress further down.

Destructive Reach 2/2: Increases the range of your destruction spells by 20%, and reduces threat caused by 10%. This is about all the threat mitigation we get, so embrace it!

Improved Immolate 5/5: Increases the initial damage of your Immolate spell by 25%. Remember this initial damage can also crit!

Ruin 1/1: Increases the critical strike bonus of your destruction spells by 100%. Again, more damage!

Emberstorm 5/5: Increases the damage done by your fire spells by 10%, and reduces the cast time of Incinerate by 10%. I don’t use this so much anymore, but it nice, and gives me the versatility to go fire lock whenever I choose

Backlash 3/3: Increases spell crit chance by 3%, and gives you a 20% chance to get an instant Shadow Bolt or Incinerate upon being hit. This is mainly useful for the spell crit chance, but is also great when soloing. If you are being beat upon in a raid and it procs, I would not suggest using it until your tank gains aggro again (you want to lose aggro, not get more!) UNLESS you are hit by some form of spell AoE or something which procs it.

Conflagrate 1/1: Instant cast spell which ignites a target afflicted by Immolate, causing fire damage and consuming the Immolate spell. Very useful for much of your time, until SB spam out damages everything else.

Shadow and Flame 5/5: Your Shadow Bolt and Incinerate gain an additional 20% of your bonus spell damage. Again, more damage!

Talents I do not have, but which can be useful

Cataclysm: Reduces mana cost of spells by 1/2/3/4/5 %. I don’t have this because I can not justify the loss of damage to save some mana.

Nether Protection: When hit with a shadow or fire spell, you have a 10/20/30% chance to become immune to to Shadow and Fire spells for 4 sec. Too situational for me to justify putting points in it.

Soul Leech: Gives your Destruction spells a 10/20/30% chance to return health equal to 20% of the damage caused. I find it difficult again to justify the loss of damage in order to gain some health returns.


Additional Damage:

  • Regular: +30
  • Shadow: anywhere between 15% to 55% increase (55% allowing for ISB being up, and casting a Shadow Bolt. Non ISB Bolts have 35%)
  • Fire: 20%, with an additional 25% to the initial Immolate damage.

Additional Crit: 8%

Additional Damage to Crit: 100%


~ by Angela on May 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Un – talented?”

  1. Thanks for the info.

    I’m personally fighting the good fight. My lock is Affliction. I don’t want to respec Destruction. I dislike the fact that our acknowledged best DPS tree requries you to abandon all the fancy cool warlock stuff and just do Shadow Bolts. *sigh*.. My personal bugaboo.

    I look forward to reading more.


  2. I have to say it really irks me as well being reduced to Shadow Bolt spam… pushing one button for the entirety of a raid isn’t my idea of fun! I generally try to throw some other spells in my rotation until I get into trouble for it ><

  3. Sac your felhunter when you’re soloing, you’ll never stop for mana again. Or if you really love wasting your time life tapping sac your voidwalker.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I will admit, I don’t solo very often at all – and I never do dailies. My druid is my little soloing monster hehe. However, I will definitely do that when I have my occasional soloing bursts.

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