The dreaded /gquit

No no no, I am not leaving either of my guilds, calm down people! However, I was reading one of Matticus’ posts today which uncannily reminded me of my own experience in leaving Dying Breed, and my thoughts and feelings about this leaving ever since. In my opinion, joining a guild is one of the biggest decisions you can make in World of Warcraft – taken seriously enough, it is almost like a marriage (albeit a weird, polygamist marriage in perhaps a cult like situation… again, I digress) where you are absorbed into a new family and made a part of it. Perhaps some people don’t approach it seriously enough, and perhaps some of us take it all far too seriously, but basically thats what it means to me.

Now, I am not saying that all guilds are alike. Dying Breed felt (and still feels) like home to me. My friends there rank up among some of the closest friends that I have in my ‘real life’. Sure, they weren’t progression focused, but they were a close knit bunch of people who enjoyed each other’s company and occasionally going out and kicking some ass. I had been there long enough that I was well known and respected within the guild, people would ask me my advice and opinion, I would ask for theirs, and we would have some very interesting discussions about this, that, and the other (including thirty minute long debates about the ‘awesome’ factor of Vegemite!). When I left Dying Breed, it honestly felt the same as when you leave home for the first time. I know you may laugh at me, but yes, I cried. I felt horrible that I was deserting the people who had helped me and been there for me throughout my time in the game, all for some shiny loots and a couple of boss fights.

Now a couple of my friends at this point had already joined Arcis, and they suggested that I apply for the guild. They (well, Kalf) reassured me that Arcis had a similar sort of feel to Dying Breed, but with a more raid oriented focus. This sounded reassuring to me – I couldn’t bear the thought of going to a guild where the people weren’t friendly and chatty, it would all be too alien and strange to me. Well, he didn’t lie – the guild chat in Arcis is quite noisy during the day, and people are fairly friendly, but the focus of the chatting is not at all the same. It’s kind of like when you go to work – the people are nice enough, but most of your co-workers don’t really care about your real life, so long as you show up and get the job done. There is also a much more competitive and aggressive atmosphere when it does come to performance – rather than alot of encouragement from others, there is direct competition as to who puts out the most DPS, the most HPS, and people are not afraid to comment on anything you do (regardless of how well or ill informed they are). If you screw up, you will be reminded, and not always in a happy joking way either! Everyone is vying for the top spot, because if you aren’t at the top you are open to criticism from the whole raid.

(** rant incoming!! Be aware!! **) A case in point the other day was when one of the paladins of the guild questioned my spec, gear, and spell rotation. Now, I was a bit affronted at the way he said some things to me, especially as he has never played a warlock in my knowledge, and certainly not one to 70 in our guild at any rate. When I mentioned to the guild leader that I didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to me about it (and apparently he was giving some of the other locks a hard time as well, which I mentioned) I was basically told to get over it. That was fine… but then she said “The other locks do put out more damage than you usually, you know”, which kind of got my back up. Just a touch. Not because I would object to them out dpsing me, but because I know it to be untrue. I run my own damage meter in a raid situation, and I also look at the posted ones, and my damage output is generally respectable. I am never first (that position goes to Candi of the uber-DPS), but out of the warlocks I am generally 2nd or 3rd (Ri and I are incredibly close in damage output, although I generally win out by the end of a raid), and generally within the top 7 in the raid. Not great, but certainly not bad. I don’t mind advice, but when this advice is all founded upon something which is untrue… well, I get kinda mad (** End rant **)

So, what is the point of all this ramble? Do I regret leaving Dying Breed to venture into raiding? Truthfully, I don’t. I am not sure what I would be doing now if I was still in Dying Breed, but I certainly was not enjoying Karazhan anymore, and I was getting tired of playing Saresa. However, I can’t say that I don’t regret leaving Dying Breed – ever since I left there has been a constant stream of people leaving to join raiding guilds, and I can’t help but wonder if I kinda started it all (Narcissism is rampant here, I know). Someone mentioned the other day that perhaps if everyone had’ve stayed, we may be in SSC or TK by now. Well, that may be true. I personally believe that we wouldn’t be, because to succeed in those instances you need a dedicated raiding focus, and the attitude that it’s OK to criticise people at any point if you don’t think they are living up to their max potential. That just wasn’t present in Dying Breed… which in my mind, was a good thing. That is the reason why I will be going back to Dying Breed when WotLK comes out, and I probably won’t be leaving again. Sure, I’ll have to listen to my raiding friends gloating about their progress. Well, big whoppeedoodah. I also get to miss out on the immature, epeen stroking conversations that occur in Arcis guild chat occasionally, and WoW can go back to being fun for me, rather than being a job.

Note: This isn’t to say I don’t enjoy raiding. I do. I just don’t like the occasional asshat behaviour that accompanies it. In my mind I guess, a lot of raiders are like doctors – they are ego driven, confident people. That is how they do so well. I also do like the majority of people in Arcis. I just don’t enjoy feeling like I am at work when I am playing.


~ by SingleMumGottaRun on May 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “The dreaded /gquit”

  1. Nicely written. I too have noticed a difference in tone from guild to guild. even when some of the folks are the same people.

  2. Heyas Ang! We at DB do miss you and look forward to your return. i am glad to see you have found a new home in Reforged and i hope you are enjoying a slower pace once again. the game shouldn’t be about pushing deadlines and all that other work related crap. this should be the place you go to to unwind from all of that and to release stress from a hard day. i’ve thought about leaving DB before, back when there was only 5 players on at any given time. back when i was first made an officer. that was when swordsworn was still around and jayiden played more often. i am glad i didn’t, though. there is no place like DB to me. like you, Amma grew up in the guild and i couldn’t imagine being around a different group of people. much hunter loves to sar!

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