Happy Mother’s Day… and other stuff

I know that it is a day early for most, but I would just like to wish all the great Mums out there a wonderful day, where (hopefully) the kids and the hubby do everything for you and make you feel loved. Please, enjoy it!

Yesterday was one of our scheduled raid days in Arcis, and we ventured into SSC to do a bit of killing of the ‘farm’ bosses in preparation for today’s Vashj-fest. Now recently I have noticed that we are having fairly high amounts of difficulty on what we have been terming farm content (prompting one person to question whether we truly had these bosses on farm or what). I think that the high level of recruitment that the guild has engaged in is more of an answer to this – when we first killed the bosses in SSC and TK, we had a core group of people who ran most every week. We knew each other well, and each other’s play styles well, and were able to easily organise ourselves around each other. Recently we have been taking a lot of new people in, who have to both learn all the fights, and learn the playstyles of each and every person in that raid and work well with them. The new players are also generally somewhat undergeared for the encounter, which makes perfect sense – people aren’t going to join a guild where their progression is behind what gear they have! In my opinion, this massive amount of learning is a pretty big ask, so of course there are going to be a few wipes.

Now, the thing that really got on my nerves was that people who have been in the guild for a long time, who have attained Raider status within the guild, have picked up a nasty habit of leaving early because they are ‘tired’ or some other similar excuse on the days where we face a lot of wipes. It doesn’t seem to happen so much on days where we are just flying through the content and clearing the place out. I don’t know whether this is an adrenaline thing – the excitement isn’t there, and it is more of a struggle to stay awake – or just a plain, out and out act of rudeness and inconsideration. The point is, each person leaving wastes the raid’s time, and means that the person who comes in and replaces them will have to (more then likely) have things explained to them. It also kind of annoys me because that is another person that I have to summon into the instance, and if you have been wiping fairly regularly you tend to be low on shards. But that’s just selfishness talking there.

Basically, I believe that everyone knows what the raid times are. They do not change from week to week. I know that some people have valid excuses for leaving early (I myself have left early twice because of family committments – but I let the raid leader and the guild leader know prior to the start of the raid so they had the choice of even including me), but ‘tired’ does not work. Everyone is tired by the end of raid. Deal with it. By leaving early, you are costing the raid itself valuable time, and slowing the progress down.

On another note, my T5 pants still elude me. From what I have seen, I am actually the only raider in the guild who still needs the T5 pants, and through sheer dumb luck just hasn’t been able to get them. Talk about frustrating!


~ by Angela on May 11, 2008.

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