Brawl in the city!

Yesterday Hermia got the Shattrath City quest “What Book? I don’t see any Book!”, where you, contender on the left, gets to take on reigning Outland champion of the brawl “Dirty” Larry and his fellow cronies! Now, he was me thinking “Hey, I am pretty tough. Hell, I soloed Boglash! Not to mention a couple hundred nasty, incredibly ticked off naga. What can one guy and his mates (one of whom is a gnome *snicker*) really do against the almighty Hermia, ‘Druid of Teeth and Claw’?” Well… it turns out they can do quite a lot, actually.

First off, it would be advised that the somewhat arrogant Hermia sit down occasionally and learn to read a little. Now we know that this is difficult (like Pooh, Hermia can be a bear of litle brain), but when it is a matter of life and death, it may help. Please note, this quest is a group quest with 3 recommended players. Not one, not two, THREE. Hermia has comfortably soloed 2 player quests before, but never a three player one.

Secondly, while bears are colour-blind (otherwise those blaze orange hunting jackets would equal a lot less dead bears and a lot more squished humans!) and so can be excused occasionally from these sort of mishaps, a quest being orange should provide some indication as to its difficulty. Combining orange difficulty with the fact that it’s a 3 player quest… well, you can guess how it ended.

So, I called in the reinforcements. Salmrissa, one of the kind hunters in my guild, offered to hearth back to Shattrath and give a poor helpless kitty a hand. At that point we were once again feeling confident… we had a 70 and a 64, we should be able to smack this guy around a bit. Just focus fire and go for it!

Well… that’s not quite how things turned out. One of the adds was trapped, and the other beating on Goliath, Sal’s cat, along with Larry. I was beating on Larry until I noticed Goliath was nearly dead – uh oh! – at which point I shapeshifted out to try to throw a quick emergency heal up on Goliath. No dice, he was dead as dead can be. Soon the mobs were attacking Sal, and in my efforts to heal him through that, I pulled aggro and was promptly killed. Sal died soon after. Well darn.

We went through another variation of events (rooting Larry, trapping an add, me healing, etc), and got Larry to 15% before a nasty death yet again. When we came back and were assessing the situation, we noticed 2 level 70’s rock up to have their go at Larry (who was now undefeated 2 – 0, the dirty rotten bastard!). They kindly let me join their group, and Sal came along to exact revenge, and we pwned him like there was no tomorrow. Sure, it took 2 of us to beat him! But hey, who cares, right?

So thankyou to the two people who helped – I apologise for not remembering your names, I do need to learn to screenshot EVERYTHING now that I am blogging! Much love to you, and Elune bless (hey, I only get to say that when I am talking about Hermia, shhh šŸ˜› Sar just mutters!)


~ by Angela on May 8, 2008.

One Response to “Brawl in the city!”

  1. This made me laugh. Mostly because I’ve had my butt handed to me more than once like that. I figured hey..I have my minion(the blueberry) it’s cake…eh no. šŸ™‚ Have to start remembering I’m a clothy, lol.

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