Is this just wrong?

You know how you have those days where you just feel like wearing your daggy old trackies and a baggy T-shirt? Well, yesterday was one of those. The problem being, the only baggy T-shirt I could seem to find belonged to my ex, it was squooshed way back in the bottom of my drawers. So I wore it. Is there some sort of ex’s T-shirt ettiquette? Is it creepy if I wear clothes that belong to my ex?

On another note, I am looking forward to moving out of home one day. I know, I know, at 22 years old you would think I would be out already (oh, the trials of being a poor struggling uni student in a high rent world). I finally caved in to Mum’s nagging to do my ironing, since it was apparently a mile high pile… and you know what I had to iron?

….One pair of jeans. That’s it.

Mothers. (By the way, remember Mother’s Day this weekend! I brought my Mum some of her favourite varieties of Darrell Lea liqorice – Original, Mango and Blackcurrant – which she should love. I’ll probably grab something else as well, I can see you all looking at me thinking ‘CHEAPSKATE’!)


~ by Angela on May 7, 2008.

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