Nothing better than some random fun

While I was soaking in the bath (where I always do my best thinking… right along with sitting on the toilet, but you didn’t REALLY want to know that, did you?) I was contemplating how long it had been since I had indulged in some random guild fun. Nothing serious at all, just some light hearted entertainment to help pass the day along. The last time that we had some fun in the DB (well, that I could participate in) was a few months ago, when we had the 5 man naked ironman. I stole the idea from one of the world of warcraft forums (unfortunately, I can not remember the thread, apologies to whoever’s idea I stole – feel free to take the credit!), and decided to run with it (and being cashed up at the time, even brought various prizes and things, which unfortunately were never given out).

Anyway, the basic idea is that you ‘register’ a team with the organiser (i.e. Me) of 5 players, the composition of which is entirely up to you. Then each team meets up outside Deadmines, and removes all their gear (we allowed tabards to stay on, because they don’t offer any benefits, and hey, we are modest people!), and proceed to run the dungeons, working their way up from Deadmines until however far you end up. The principle of the idea is that it is a race, with the first team to complete a required dungeon – we said Scholomance was the end – winning the loots!

There are of course a few basic rules:

  1. No armor, weapons, etc to be worn at the beginning. You must be butt naked! (Tabards excepted)
  2. The only items you are allowed to equip are items looted from the dungeons as you progress through.
  3. You are allowed to take food/drink, but no consumables which provide a buff.
  4. You can use group buffs of course šŸ™‚
  5. You can not swap out players throughout the competition.
  6. You must complete all the set dungeons.

All in all, it was pretty simple, and a great deal of fun. We ran short of time (thanks to our screenie obsession!), but got through a few instances, with some hilarious and memorable happenings along the way – 5 level 70’s wiping in Stockades anyone? We swore to organise another, but have not been able to make that a reality unfortunately thanks to conflicting schedules.

Us bare-ass naked outside VC ready to begin! Boy, didn’t we get some odd looks!

Us with our ‘upgrades’ after VC

Our nasty Stocks wipe!


~ by SingleMumGottaRun on May 6, 2008.

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