Flying along… or not quite yet :)

I decided to spend the next couple of days focusing on my druid, probably for a number of reasons. I have found that having a 70 is starting to get a bit monotonous – raid weekends, farm badges and consumables during the week, snore snore snore. On Hermia, I get to quest, get the thrill of new gear frequently, as well as the exciting factor of new abilities and skills. I am even getting a kick out of herbing, and gaining the ability to pick new herbs, occasionally finding a fel lotus, and I rub my hands together in positive glee over the amount of gold that I am going to make. I will eventually drop my skinning I suppose to pick up alchemy, but for now skinning and herbalism are a great money making combo. I leveled Hermia again today (ding – 64! 4 levels to go now!), and I must say I am finding a druid even more fun to play as I go along (even if Kalf was evil and respecced feral to steal my thunder lol… I really shouldn’t have raved so much about how great feral was! *sigh*).

Tanking is also a great new experience for me – I haven’t even had much of a go at melee classes, let alone tanking, but it is absolutely great to do. I have also been lucky in the couple of groups that I have gotten so far, everyone has been very supportive and nice, and I haven’t had one unkind or rude comment yet. Some people have also given me some great feedback and tips on tanking, which is fantabulous! We managed to get through underbog today with only 2 wipes (one on the hunter boss, and one running back when someone accidentally aggroed the trash we left), although it was a close call on the Black Stalker… three melee on that fight is kind of tough, and we had some issues with positioning and the lightning. Oh well, the two priests managed to knock out his last 4 percent. Huzzah!

I have to admit though, I don’t like the feeling of entering a new zone and completely filling my quest log. It leaves me feeling intimidated, and I do not know where to start. Scary!


~ by Angela on May 6, 2008.

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