My little druid is slowly growing up

Well, Hermia dinged 63 yesterday, and I celebrated this with a quick foray into Underbog. It was a late night PuG, so there weren’t many people around, but we managed to scrape together myself, a rogue, a shaman (enh), a priest and a mage. Now, I have often said that I am a bad bad tank, and I warned the group of this, but I feel for a PuG we did pretty well. Sure, we had a few wipes, admittedly some of these were my fault and some were not (bad luck where the rogue’s sap failed and he pulled for example, or accidental pulls of mobs).

I think the important thing was that I learnt alot, not only about playing Hermia, but also about tanking as a rule. Sometimes people will do things differently to how you want them to, like killing the wrong target first, or breaking their own sheep :). You have to learn to be flexible and allow for this – and for goodness sakes, remember which button you bound feral charge to! (*blush*). I also learnt that you can’t bluff your way through with broken gear – losing 2k HP and half your armour isn’t going to cut it on the final boss. I had gotten so used to being able to continue on regardless in 5 mans with dead gear that I completely forgot about survivability *duh*. I also found that the biggest aggro puller was the enh shaman, a trend I have been noticing lately. Want to throw these people a bone Blizz and provide some way they can cut back on their threat? IS there a way they can do it?

Also, in true Blizz form (and with my usual luck) nearly every drop was plate. I can’t remember if it was the priest or mage, but someone got a nice pair of gloves as well. Oh well, such is life.

I also achieved something else which has been plaguing me for a long time – I finally got to 300 herbalism! I decided to go skinning/herbalism on Hermia since she was intended to be my money maker (Sar is perpetually poor, especially since I can’t set foot on the new Isle without crashing or suffering significant lag), and I figured that I could farm herbs for my flasks for Sar on Hermia and send them along to my alchy friend, saving me a heck of a lot of gold each week. Finally I can begin to herb in Outland while I am questing – no more sad faces from me when everything is too high.

Best of all… only 5 more levels until I learn to fly! So excited!


~ by Angela on April 30, 2008.

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