Jerks – Should we go Gny. Sgt. Hartman on their butt?

I was over at BBB’s blog just a moment ago when I came across a post that I think is well worth commenting on. You know those annoying people who ruin the game for you in sneaky sneaky ways? Like stealing your elementals off you JUST as your cast is about to go off? Or pinching your quest mobs, ninjaing your herb while you kill the mob near it? Yeah, he talks about them. However, he also balances it out with a good experience, which is what we all like to see. I found it interesting though that the negative experience came from Alliance, people of his own faction, and the positive one from Horde.

It is oft stated on Cenarius that Alliance has the higher douche bag quotent. The prevailing theory is that the younger, more immature players go Alliance, while Horde has been traditionally the home of older, more experienced players (could also serve to explain why Horde pwn us at PvP, everytime). Now, who knows if this is actually true… I haven’t levelled a Horde to investigate this phenomenon. It does get frustrating though, being grouped with a variety of ninjas, and general asshats. Or having someone from your own faction steal your elemental! We are meant to be on the same team guys! Let’s be nice, hey?

However, I have grouped with many good, friendly Alliance players. As I mentioned in the comments at the bottom of BBB’s post (in reply to both him and Kestrel), like Kestrel, I would take any issues I had about an Alliance player to an officer of the guild. This was not always complaints either. When I was in Dying Breed (before I became a guild-ridden abandoning so-and-so) I was one of the officers there. As a rule (since we didn’t have particular jobs as officers – the DB is a relaxed, friendly guild… somewhat like Cheers, if a guild was a bar) we didn’t have much to do, so I took it upon myself to be the resident PR officer. If someone did something to a guildie that I thought was inappropriate, I’d fire off a mail. However, if someone from another guild did something which was just out right nice, or if they impressed me with their manners, kindness, or just general attitude or skill, I would also send their Guild Leader a mail commending them. I figure doing so won’t only give the person concerned a warm fuzzy feeling, it would also give the guild a positive feeling – that “Yes, we may be small… and there are only, what, 10 million people who play this game… but yay, someone noticed just how awesome we are!” I have always been a fan of building good relationships, and I hope that when people on Cenarius hear the name Saresa, they think “Oh yeah, I know her… she was really polite/helpful/had a great attitude!” (Lets face it… I won’t ever get noticed for my lackluster shadowbolting skills! I don’t give 2 hoots whether people compliment my gear or not… it’s just pixels. Shiny happy pixels. But I digress).

Now, this is not nearly so well worded as BBB’s post. So, if you haven’t read it already, head there. This is more my spin on the whole thing I guess. But anyway… time to share my cutesy-happy Alliance/Horde experience with you!

Dancing Kitties!

We were just wandering around Un’Goro, minding our own business… and decided a dance was in order. If any of you see Croach on Cenarius, tell him Hermia the dancing Un’Goro cat says hi!


~ by Angela on April 29, 2008.

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