The problem with Vashj

My guild Arcis (well, one of my two guilds – I consider myself lucky enough to have two guilds) is currently at 5/6 SSC and 3/4 TK. Now, we have left Vashj and Kael for a little bit to go poke our heads into Hyjal, but this weekend we headed back into SSC to have a whirl at Vashj. Now, we all knew it would be a challenge, but wooee… boy is it hard.

The raid leaders designated that all kiting would be solely handled by locks, and accordingly made the three locks in the raid spec affliction. I usually raid 0/21/40, and have an especial hate for affliction (slow shadowbolts?!? Urgh!) so I was a bit sad anyway. I expected that I would have to though, so no biggie. The three of us did our best to ensure that Curse of Exhaustion was up all the time, and ran around like idiots with a strider chasing us. However, we found that we could not get the striders down fast enough (and as far as we could see, the only DPS on the striders was ours). We would normally get the first strider to about 10% when the next one would spawn. It was painful. At one point I was being bounced between two striders like a pinball thanks to their fear – yes, noob me for getting caught in it in the first place, but that feeling of total helplessness sucks in a raid. From what I could tell, there were no other real issues in the raid – tainted cores were making their way up to the generators well, and elementals weren’t slipping through (except for once, when a mage got left all on their lonesome to attack the elementals).

So what do you guys think? Personally I favour the strat of having one warlock do CoE/kiting rather than all three of us running around – I just can’t seem to justify the loss in DPS there. I had a little tinker with tailoring nets, but I might need to take a lot more in with me to test that out further. Also, how many striders do you guys expect to spawn on average during Phase 2? From what I could see, we really should have to deal with perhaps 3? No more than 4? I just have so many questions and so few answers. Time to do some more reading!


~ by Angela on April 27, 2008.

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