The Roosters losing makes me a sad panda

Yet another reason for me to dislike Gasnier - damn those Dragons!

Well, the last couple of days have been somewhat quiet, so there hasn’t been much to blog about. I made a trip to Sydney to watch the football, and lost a bet to Kalf since his team beat flogged mine :(. Not looking forward to whatever horrible punishment he comes up with – lets just say I would have never agreed to an open ended bet if I knew what was coming! I suppose if I just avoid him for the next, oh… year or so all will be well!

Back to WoW… well not much at all happened there, knocked over a fast Gruul’s Lair run, and hopefully got the last of the guild’s alts their T4 tokens, so that I can go back to collecting them for my PvP gear (selfish, I know… but I absolutely LOATHE battlegrounds, and would rather get my PvP gear through doing something I enjoy!). I am also running out of ways to minimise my threat, and it is starting to get frustrating having to ease back every two minutes so that I don’t pull aggro. WTB a shorter soulshatter cooldown! I guess the part that scares me is that my gear is still not overly great – there are still a couple of drops I would like from SSC and TK, and Wub’s Cursed Hexblade still evades my grasp.


~ by Angela on April 26, 2008.

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