The ZA day from hell?

I am going to take the opportunity of another server crash (yay Cenarius!) to write about our fun run through ZA today. I logged on expecting our usual mid week foray into Hyjal, to find that the numbers weren’t there, so we put together a fast ZA group. Now, ZA usually isn’t all that huge an issue for us as far as I am aware (I generally miss ZA runs because I am at uni), but today proved otherwise.

The group makeup was 2 warlocks, a mage, 2 resto shaman, a prot pally, a resto pally, a prot warrior, a fury warrior, and a hunter. The resto shammies are probably not the better healers in the guild, but hey, we have run ZA before with two healers, should be cake, right?

We made the timed loot on the second boss just in time (literally less than one minute before sacrifice) after one wipe – the instruction to stand on top of the pally tank apparently being far too much for some. That then gave us 10 minutes to clear back to the bear boss and down him, which failed miserably. The first wipe the tanks simply did not get enough heals to stay up. Pretty simple to rectify, and we shrugged our shoulders and ran enthusiastically back in. Then Sar pulled one of her usual noobish tricks, got a bit too carried away, and rode her dreadsteed… all the way up to the mobs at the top of the stairs. Oh damn. Amid much yelling (and foolish promises made by me to pay peoples repair bills with my non existent gold), we all ran back in, determined to not fail.

Alas, that was not meant to be. The mobs were still aggroed, and had trekked their way to the entrance, determined to wipe us again. Most of us made it out the door, but myself and one of the warriors died a pathetic death right near the portal. Sigh.

Well we recovered from those mishaps, downed the boss easily (despite my framerate dropping to 1.7 when the boss hit 50% and never picking up again), and ran back to fetch our timed loot. The trip to the ckicken boss was uneventful, with only one near miss where a shaman forgot to recall their totems and one was spotted by a scout. We dealt with him promptly enough and continued.

We had a lovely little pep talk before we pulled the chicken boss, sorted everything out, and ran in to beat him around a little. We got him down a whole 1%…

….and Cenarius crashed. Again. As we speak, the server is back up, but the instance server is dead. Could have been worse I guess – we could have been in Hyjal!

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.


Well, we finally got back online, and after some swapping in and out of people who needed to leave, we finally made our way through to Hex Lord. By then however, its was well and truly after midnight server time and people were getting pretty tired, so after one wipe we called it a night and will finish up tomorrow. Good times!

I am just glad that I got enough badges to get a shiny new ring šŸ™‚


~ by Angela on April 23, 2008.

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